LeRoux loved to talk. Even sleep didn't stop this. I started collecting things she said in her sleep. The list below are are actual sleepquotes.

Stale vitamins!
She mixes them in.

He's going to get stuck!
That old man going through the chimney flue.
He's got a cane, how does he expect to get through?

We like 'em Pete.

Maybe a triceratops.
Maybe a couple of 'em.

Dr. McCoy has a cold wet nose!
YOU have a cold wet nose!
You're not Dr. McCoy.

I don't know...
If I was a guy in customs I don't think I'd let that girl in.

OH MY GOD! What have I done!?!

Just bring the whole thing over here an put it on my desk.
Just put it on my desk -- we'll fix you up.

I don't think we should have to pay for it, Pete.
Can we charge it to someone else?

It's not enough -- it's not a...
It's a small cake.

Let's get it.
And I'll work it off with 4 minutes of jumping jacks.

Like for instance, a set of white dishes.
Yep, blue and white.

Be good execise.
Yep, pick 'em up.

I feel a little funny giving a speech and all.

Right'o my good man! Right'o my good man!
What's going on?
I'm caught!

I don't know exactly, exactly exactly exactly.
Not approximately, exactly.
I don't know I don't know I don't know!

And then an air attack.

The linescreen -- no that can't be right at 120 -- 123, right?

What happened?
I'm not in my normal room?
Something happened.

I think you just ran another stop sign.

You've had that for the logo for a LONG time!
Ever since Henry.

I like having space.
I don't like being squeezed together like sausage.

I don't think duct tape will fix it.
Didn't you tell me to put duct tape all over it?

I like that cow-head one.
I guess I must have dozed off for a few seconds.

Nowadays you can really take advantage.
Every house has central heating.

They have one called the Melon Holder that twirls you around like a slice of melon.
At the fair.

Well you're the one that chased them off by being such a bitch.

That'll put 'em through their paces.
I pulled the old switcheroo.
Made the jockeys run instead of the horses.

$130 grand will buy a lot of socks.

That's Bizarre.
Those rats with the little roses on them.

Oh yeah, we'll save that one.
We're not making beer, are we?